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"Where I am TODAY- My Life of Being Sexually Abused" Part 3- 2017

"My Life of Being Sexually Abused" Part 2
May 12, 2009
By: TJ Wroe

God is good all the time! I have noticed my healing from the abuses that have happened to me in my childhood. Recently, I was reading my first blog on this subject and discovered that I do not have the residue of hurt and shame as I did when writing it. I am thankful for all who have read my blog and prayed for me. Thank you for not misjudging me and understanding that I am a work in progress and of in need of healing just like anyone else. Again, I acknowledge you and your unconditional love!  

I have forgiven all of the abusers (including myself). My mom is fantastic and have asked for forgiveness. I forgave her before she ever asked me. To God be the glory! As of yet, I have not confronted the three sexual abusers; I have seen no need and one the men that sexually abused me at the age of two, I was told is deceased. 

Healing and Forgiveness is a wonderful combination to have. I can't hardly imagine having one without the other. With this healing, I have noticed that I do not have the same fear as before. The fear that I had for the ones that abused me have been replaced with agape love. As we may know, love and fear can not occupy the same space at that same time. When I received my healing, I CHOSE through Christ (God of the Universe), to not dwell on the negative experiences of my past and press forward with a new story! 

If you are someone you know is going through any sort of abuse, please call ASAP 911 & get help immediately! DO NOT keep it a secret just to the abusers so that YOU and/ or the person(s) you know can get help! Also, know that I am here for YOU for encouragement and support! I'm continually praying for your breakthrough and breakout (even if you are out of the situation, yet you're still dealing with it alone)! 

You-We are not alone!
Thank you for your Love, Interest, and Support....

Love Always,
TJ Wroe

"My Life of Being Sexually Abused & My Purpose" Part- I
 January 15, 2008

I am so tired of hiding all that have happened to me from my childhood. I was talking to a friend & I told her some of the things that happened to me as a child. Although I knew I would but didn’t know when or how, my friend she helped me to want to share my story to you all...

I was sexually abused, molested, and raped by THREE DIFFERENT people in my childhood. My first encounter of sex was at the age 2 by my mom’s boyfriend. He was nice, so I thought -he was tender trying to place his penis in my two year old body. I remember everything, yes even at age two. My 2nd encounter of sexual abuse was at the age of 3, and it was long term on mostly a daily basis for about 6 years with my female babysitter; I found out later through counseling that she was in love with me, how sick huh? While this was going on, the days I was not with her, I was also being sexually abused by my male cousin who was babysitting (supposed to be watching over) me too. He was mean and scary. He forced his penis down my four year old throat… The female babysitter showed me a lot of love, took great care of me (so I thought), and had sex with me everyday. It makes me sick to have been cheated out of that knowledge cause I will NEVER EVER get that innocence and time back. Wow...typing this now is not easy for me! I found it to be my purpose to make aware and provide help in several areas relating to sexual and other kinds of abuses that I have experienced. Unfortunately, during my whole childhood, I have also experienced in addition to sexual abuse.. physical, emotional, & verbal abuse. 

My entire childhood was complete Hell and part of my life feels that way even till today (2008). "To much is given, much is required." I thank God for the anointing that He has upon my life & I am thankful that all the bad have worked out for my good.. I believe in my heart and can feel the healing and changes within me as I share my stories, and help others through the similar abuses. This is so huge in many ways and areas. We must hold each other up and edify one another no matter what our differences are! 

I am very sorry to all of you who have suffered any kind of abuse, pain, and confusion along the way. I pray for You, You pray for Me, We pray for each other! As I speak out, I speak for every person & those who know someone(s) who have or being abused. We are not alone! Hang in there & reach out for help or go to someone you feel that are trustworthy to get a simple but much needed release!

I’m also establishing support ministries throughout the United States and would love your prayers and participation in any way that you can provide. Please contact me ASAP for more details. When sending your email, please state in your Subject that this "Abuse Blogs" so that it will not be mistaken as Spam.
Staying Strong with Much Love & Forgiveness,
~TJ Wroe
1-800-656-HOPE sexual abuse national hotline
1-888-743-5754 domestic abuse
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